Notturno – Ynaktera + Kenta Kamiyama

In Notturno Ynaktera and Kenta Kamiyama join forces for a delicate deep dive into the night and the different statuses it represents. The five tracks of the album are a tribute to the dark side of this time from the moment it starts “Tramonto” to the moment it finishes “Aurora”, representing a reflection, rest and slow down of life and then coming back to light. In this first duo album from Stochastic Resonance the two different elecronic styles, noise glitch of Ynaktera and ambient oriental music of Kenta merge perfectly in a new combination of colors exacly like the ones of the design of the album. The work takes its origins for tracks from 1 to 4 from a jam session of the two artists, during the residency of Kenta in Rome in 2018 that happened in a late night when only the souls were asleep and the two have the time to freely move across their own styles and moods. Afterwards the tracks have been riedited and shaped to became an album. Track 5 is a tribute to the huge italian romantic poet Giacomo Leopardi, in which in “Canto di un Pastore Errante dell’Asia” the Poet addresses a struggling hymn to the moon which is recomposed as a poem by all mankind.
An additional contribute to make this release unique and collectible is the “SR Shell” the unique piece of packaging ideated, designed and engineered by Ynaktera, which represents an innovative step regarding cd packaging, being a mastercraft in digital 3d printing. Printed each piece at the time, with incredible small layers of 0.1 mm for a total amount of about 1500 layers, using special Ultramarine Blue PLA material and in a super slow speed requiring more than 24 hours for each piece to guarantee these level of details, this elaboration represtents a new step of manufacturing using digital tools. All these details to guarantee the uniqueness of every each copy for a collector limited edition cd.
On top of that an envelope of antistatic bag to ensure even more elegance and protection to this precious Album.

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Track List:
1. Tramonto 11.25
2. Crepuscolo 07.02
3. Notte 07.59
4. Aurora 09.34
5. Luna 04.08

Released December 22, 2018

Tracks 1 to 4 recorded at SR Headquarters in Rome in January 2018
Track 5 is a tribute to the poet Giacomo Leopardi

Audio editing: Ynaktera
Audio Mastering: Ynatera
Graphic Design: Ynaktera
SR Shell ideation, Design, Engineering and Printing: Ynaktera

Produced by Stochastic Resonance 2018 – All Rights reserved


Notturno CD Image

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